I love that everyone is treated as a valuable member of the team. I appreciate how much Bear Creek cares about my personal development and my family. I’ve never felt like I was working for a company but have instead had the experience of working for and with good friends.


The team welcomed me in quickly. I appreciate the heart of the company to build people as individuals, as well as craftsmen. Through things as small as ordinary tasks to each daily interaction, I have also been impacted by the desire they have to strengthen community as a whole.


The heart of the team working together. As companies grow it’s not always easy, but I got to see the team pull together to help each other through various transitions to where the company is now. The most impactful part I would say is when the Covid crisis hit and places were shutting down and laying people off, Brian and Victoria pulled the team together and reassured everyone that we would get through this together. They got through it without having to lay anyone off and that was a powerful statement.


I appreciate how we encourage each other to work as a team. Great company to work for.


Working with the Bear Creek team is honestly like being a part of a family I never had.


I really appreciate working with the Bear Creek team, because it’s such a great group of people. It’s exciting to be around people each day, who are continuously seeking ways to better their skills, abilities, and themselves as a whole. We also have a lot of fun.


Bear Creek was helpful throughout the process and flexible (their willingness to send guys back to replace 4x4s that bowed after installation was a nice touch). When our neighbor, who is a contractor, came over to take a look at the completed job, he gave it a thumbs-up and asked for their contact info.


We were very impressed with the initial contact with Bear Creek. They listened well, were interested in the project, and created a design that was concrete, appropriate, and well considered. Great crew and staff! Smart, polite, creative, flexible, careful, and hardworking. Responded well to additional requests, fixed any issues that occurred, and maintained a good attitude all through a sweltering summer. Went out of their way to listen and make terrific suggestions that improved the end result dramatically.

Rob and Renee

Bear Creek took the time with us to truly find our wants, needs, expectations on our deck project. They were friendly, patient, and flexible figuring out the best way to make our deck just as we wanted. Our Project Consultant made a big impact as we made our decision on a builder. Friendly, professional team to work with from deck crew to team at office and all in between! Then obviously having our fantastic deck complete is a great joy! We recommend Bear Creek to anyone who will listen or asks, including friends, family, Facebook requests for recommendations, etc.. That should tell you all you need to know about our overall experience.


Bear Creek was highly recommended by a local contractor. The staff was efficient, timely and went above and beyond our expectations. They updated us as every task was being done: ie: materials purchased, cut to size, stained and time they would arrive at our home to install our pergola. Our overall experience was the best we have had with any contractor we have used. We will call them again!